West Bengal Academy of Science and Technology


Nomination for Fellowship of the Academy


Any citizen of India, who is a resident of the state of West Bengal, by birth or domicile, and who has worked for 10 years or more in an institution in the state of West Bengal, is eligible for Fellowship of the Academy. The deadline for submission is July 31.

Fellow Nomination Guideline

  1. A Fellow of WAST can nominate suitable candidate(s). No self-nomination is acceptable.
  2. A Fellow who was elected from Section ‘α’ can act as a nominator for Section ‘α’ only. Seconders/supporters may be from any Section.
  3. Only soft copies of the nomination will be accepted. Those should be prepared as per the following guideline:
  4. Please download the nomination form and prepare the nomination package as per the following guideline.


Each candidate must be nominated by at least three Fellows of the Academy in good standing, one of whom shall act as proposer (proposer should be from the same section in which the nomination is made) and the other two as the supporters (number of supporters may vary from two to four and they may be fellows elected under any section of the academy).

The nomination package should contain the following documents:

  • a) Nomination Form (word file provided) to be filled in in English and duly signed by nominators.
  • b) Reprints of ten important and recent publications as listed in the nomination form under B(e) (these need not be the top cited publications).
  • c) Nominee’s Curriculum Vitae (CV) bearing additional information (not already provided) and a complete list of publications.
  • d) Nominee’s passport size colour photo in JPG format with size not less than 20KB.

Documents (a)-(c) are to be converted to a single PDF bearing a file name "Nomi 2023 Sec No initials of nominee’s name". For example, if Arun Kumar Bandyopadhyay is nominated for the fellowship under section VI, the file should be marked as "Nomi 2023 Sec VI AKB"

The JPG file of document (d) should be identically marked as "Pic 2023 Sec VI AKB"

  • The nominator will have to submit these two files by email to wastfellownom@gmail.com with a copy to wastsecretariat@gmail.com .
  • Submission should be completed on or before 31st July