West Bengal Academy of Science and Technology


Aims and Objectives of the Academy

The aims and objectives of the Academy were laid down under seven clauses
(year book, P.6-7), amongst which the following are important

  • to promote and apply science and technology for the welfare of the state of West Bengal and its people.
  • to coordinate activities of various agencies and institutions, governmental as well as non-governmental, engaged in research and development;
  • to promote cooperation and excellence in scientific seminars, conferences, workshops, symposia, popular lectures etc. and through publication of scientific and technological journals, books, monographs, research papers, newsletters, etc.
  • to promote understanding among the basic and applied sciences and technology on the one hand and letters on the other;
  • to establish, maintain and upgrade scientific and technological library and documentation facilities; and
  • to do and perform all other acts, matters and things that may assisting, conduce to or be necessary for the fulfillment of the above mentioned aims and objectives;
  • The income and the properties of the Society shall be applied solely towards the promotion and objects of the Society and no portion shall be given to any member by way of profits, etc.